I'm having an art show in Seattle, November-December!

The swanky Caffe Fiore coffee house in my own Seattle neighborhood of Ballard will be hosting framed artwork from my various comic series starting this Friday (November the 5th) and running through the end of the year.

The official opening shindig is Saturday, November 13th, 7-9pm. It's free and you yes you are invited! :)

Here's a little sketch I'm using as a design on free postcards you can pick up at the show:


I met Phil Foglio and he reads my webcomic

I've followed Phil Foglio's cartoon work for several decades. I've never met anyone in real life who turns out to read one of my comics. What do these two things have to do with each other? Well it's a stupid way of introducing the story of my having met Phil Foglio unexpectedly at a comic convention this weekend, and finding out that he reads my webcomic, Supermassive Black Hole A*.

I could hardly believe it so I got him to put it in writing:

More addled details of the encounter can be found in the blog news thingy I wrote it up in over here.

I'll be on the Villainland webcomic podcast tomorrow (8/27/10)

I'll be on the "Villainland" podcast tomorrow (Friday) night, 10:00 pm Easter, talking about my sci-fi webcomic "A*." Tune in here (or download afterwards), but you gotta register to certify you're over 18:

The shows tend to run about an hour or hour and a half, so I'll probably be reduced to semi-intelligible gibberish for most of the show. :)

Hey stuff is happening

Hey, A* is in a larger image format now, not animated but way sharper looking in multi-daily comics, and it's got as far as episode 10! Woo! Here's a sample, and it might be so big it doesn't even fit on this page, I don't even know!


A new comic: Sketchy

Well I went and made a fifth comic series--pretty ridiculous, I know--called Sketchy. It is a ridiculous comic! It's sort of about a blob and his absurd adventures, like this:

So yeah! Updates Monday through Friday, at, as it says in sketchy writing at the bottom corner of the comic.